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Maimonides Society

Honorary Society for Jewish Health Care Professionals

Honoring Maimonides’ legacy of linking the values and teachings of Judaism with the practice of medicine.

Join the Professional Society Named for Rabbi Moses be Maimon*

Membership is open to any health care professional who contributes a minimum of $1,800 to the Community Campaign.

View Current Maimonides Society Members (as of February 2019)


General Dentistry
Dr. Rachel K. Eglash DDS
Dr. Thomas Holber
Dr. Ingrid Smiga
Dr. William Z. Spatz
Oral Surgery
Dr. Marvin A. Dash
Dr. Sarah Davies
Dr. Marty Eichner
Dr. Eric R. Smiga

Ms. Laura Ellman, Social Worker
Margaret L. Fischer, Occupational Therapist
Steven S. Hausman, Consultant
Mrs. Judith Lewandowski, Nurse
Dr. Sheree Lichtenstein, Pharmacist
Mrs. Nikol Marks, Physician Assistant
Betty Sue Rich, Pharmacist
Dodie Roskies, Management
Mrs. Cathy Schuster, Social Worker
Anna Lisa Silberman, Public Health

Dr. Barry Asman
Dr. Robert Gorby
Dr. Richard L. Green
Dr. Ronald A. Landay
Dr. Macy I. Levine
Dr. Lawrence Weber

Dr. Andrew Herlich
Dr. Michael Kentor

Dr. Alan H. Gradman
Dr. Jared W. Magnani
Edward Szabo MD, MS, FACC

Dr. Lawrence N. Adler
Dr. Jeffrey S. Garrett
Dr. Lewis Kuller
Dr. Rodney Lipman
Dr. Daniel A. Rubin
Dr. Saul Silver
Dr. Albert Treger

Chiropractic Medicine
Dr. Edward Leefer

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Dennis J. Hurwitz

Dr. Lisa Goldberg
Dr. Douglas Kress
Dr. Tracy L. Prizant
Dr. Susan L. Safyan

Emergency Medicine
Dr. Jennifer Brandeis
Dr. Andrew Reibach

Dr. Jennifer Pennock

Murray B. Gordon MD, FACE *

Family Practice
Dr. Robert Green
Dr. Joel H. Merenstein
Dr. Barry Tenenouser
Dr. Malcolm S. Weiss

Dr. Sharon R. Roseman
Robert E. Schoen MD

General Surgery
Dr. Bernard Fisher
Dr. Charles Lebovitz

Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Fred H. Rubin

Elana J. Bloom MD

Dr. Leslie Hope Bondy

Infectious Disease
Dr. David Lee Weinbaum

Internal Medicine
Dr. David Brillman
Dr. Martin Fenster
Dr. Gary Fischer
Dr. Morton L. Goldstein
Dr. Marvin H. Levick
Dr. Jorge Lindenbaum
Dr. Bruce Rollman
Dr. Jamie Stern *
Dr. Lee M. Weinberg
Dr. Adrienne Young
Dr. Erica Zimmerman

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
Dr. Jonathan Weinkle

Dr. David J. Levenson
Dr. Paul M. Palevsky
Dr. Allen Wolfert

Dr. Neil A. Busis
Dr. Richard B. Kasdan
Stuart L. Silverman MD, FAAN
Dr. Lawrence Wechsler
Dr. Richard A. Weisman

Dr. Peter Gerszten

Dr. Barbara Weschler

Dr. Judy Balk
Dr. Mark Caine
Dr. Stan Denver
Dr. Daniel Edelstone
Dr. Richard Mann
Dr. Dean Pollack *
Dr. Deanna Love Rutman

Occupational Medicine
Dr. Elaine Gelb

Dr. Adam Brufsky
Dr. Robert Gluckman
Dr. Samuel Jacobs
Dr. Stanley M. Marks
Dr. Eric Safyan
Dr. Sheryl Simon
Dr. Norman Wolmark

Dr. David Baker
Dr. Bernard Doft
Dr. Norman L. Edelstein
Dr. Andrew W. Eller
Dr. Marc E. Hoffman
Dr. Barry D. Moskowitz *
Dr. Scott Portnoy
Dr. Janis E. Reed
Dr. Jose-Alain Sahel
Dr. Michael P. Schneider
Dr. Edward M. Sorr

Dr. Marshall Balk
Dr. Arnold Broudy
Dr. Yram J. Groff
Dr. Jon Levy
Dr. Robert G. Liss
Dr. Allan Tissenbaum

Dr. Joseph Turner

Dr. Robert Swedarsky

Pathology & Immunology
Dr. Mark J. Shlomchik *

Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Marian G Michaels MD, MPH

Pediatric Radiology
Dr. Kerry Bron
Dr. Lynda L. Flom

Dr. Rachel Berger
Dr. Mark M. Blatter
Dr. Nancy Brent
Dr. Thelma Herlich
Matthew A. Keller MD
Dr. Sheldon R. Levine
Dr. Ellen Mandel
Dr. Deborah R. Moss
Dr. Keith Somers
Physical Medicine
Dr. Marc Adelsheimer *
Dr. Michael Boninger *
Dr. Paul Lieber

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Dr. Milton J. Klein

Dr. David Brent
Dr. Marc Hertzman
Dr. Stuart Hirsch
Dr. Martin Lubetsky
Dr. Sylvia Mendelsohn Pomerantz
Dr. Loren H. Roth
Dr. James Schuster

Dr. Susan G. Berman

Pulmonary Disease
Dr. Peter D. Kaplan
Dr. Joel H. Weinberg

Radiation Oncology
Dr. Russell Fuhrer
Dr. Kristina Gerszten

Dr. Carlos Borzutzky
Dr. Richard Daffner
Dr. Robin G. Hausman
Dr. Emanuel Kanal
Dr. M. Leon Skolnick

Dr. Burton H. Pollock

Stress Management for Mental & Physical Health and Longevity
Dr. Bruce S. Rabin

Dr. Benjamin J. Davies
Dr. Richard Finder *
Dr. Jay Lutins
Dr. Allan B. Schachter

Vascular Surgery
Dr. Jason K. Wagner

Dr. Anthony Pardo

Dr. Sidney N. Busis
Dr. Marcus Gottlieb
Dr. Richard L. Kalla
Dr. Howard Lang
Dr. Richard Paul (Pediatrics)
Dr. Marc B. Pomerantz
Dr. Morton A. Seltman
Dr. Tova Weinberg

* Indicates new member

Maimonides Society


Dr. Dennis Hurwitz

Maimonides Society Chair

*The Maimonides Society is named for perhaps the most famous Jewish physician of all time, Rabbi Moses ben Maimon. Maimonides, also known as Rambam, was born in Spain in 1135 and died in Egypt in 1204. Maimonides came from a long line of Jewish scholars, and by age 33, he was a renowned Jewish scholar in his own right. Maimonides' medical works included commentaries on the work of Hippocrates and Galen, and treatises on asthma, impotence, poisons and hemorrhoids. He also wrote an early version of the Physician's Desk Reference. As a scholar, Maimonides was the leading Talmudist of his time.

Roi Mezare

Roi Mezare

Senior Manager
Financial Resource Development
(412) 992-5230

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