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Shared Society

Economic Empowerment for Women

Economic Empowerment for Women (EEW)
Business of One’s Own program

Economic Empowerment for women (EEW is dedicated to improving women’s lives through economic empowerment. Its mission is to supply low-income women in Israel with the knowledge and tools to create their own small businesses as a means for gaining financial self-sufficiency and alleviating the cycle of poverty in which they live. The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh is proud to support the business incubator, which includes joint Jewish and Arab group meetings, one-on-one consultations, professional seminars and workshops, all intended to improve the survival rate for the small businesses launched with the help of EEW.  Learn more…

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand
Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel

The Hand in Hand Galilee Bilingual School brings together Jewish and Arab students from a young age in a bilingual setting that promotes vital principles of shared society: inclusion, respect, and recognition of the other. Hand in Hand schools were created by a group of Arab and Jewish parents who instinctively understood how segregation leads to growing alienation, division, and hate, and decided to create an alternative. The schools have become a proven model to combat this trend. The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh’s support for the Hand in Hand school in the Galilee is intended to increase the number of Jewish and Arab students attending the school. There they interact daily on a basis of equality and mutual respect. In addition, the support will be used to continue advancing the school’s pedagogical style – focusing specifically on project based learning, and to broaden the impact beyond the walls of the school to members of the wider community.  Learn more…


Moona – A Space for Change
Moona’s Implementation Lab

Launched in mid-2014 in partnership with the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh under the auspices of Partnership2Gether, Moona was created to serve as a platform for regional growth. The proposed project is for Moona’s Implementing Laboratory, a unique technology oriented space in Israel’s North which offers STEM/engineering students from across the region a framework for developing products and prototypes under the supervision of experienced professional mentors. Situated in the central Galilee, the laboratory is at the center of a network of local partnerships between regional development programs, academic institutions and local tech businesses and STEM enterprises.  The goals of this project are to provide students in the Galilee Region with unique, hands-on experience in the development process; to prepare students for commensurate engagement in local tech and engineering industries; to provide students with a framework for direct knowledge transfer from industry professionals; to bring students from diverse backgrounds and polarized communities together around collaborative innovations efforts; and to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the Galilee.  Learn more…

Northern Israel Center for Arts and Technology

Akko Center for Arts & Technology
Establishing Center of Arts and Technology (CAT) in Israel

A-CAT, the new Arts & Technology center in Akko, is based on the Manchester Bidwell Corporation (MBC) model for education and career training through an affiliate network of community and culture centers, a model which has been successfully implemented in the US in over 10 big cities. The model is being replicated worldwide with Israel chosen as its first destination, and A-CAT being its first facility overseas. Based on the model, A-CAT is a cultural center providing learning, career training – focusing on the field of hospitality – and growth opportunities to the Jewish and Arab community in Akko and the Western Galilee.  Learn more…


To substantially increase the number of Arab software engineers in the Israeli hi tech industry

Tsofen High Technology centers is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the integration of Israel’s Arab Citizens into the hi-tech industry as a means of promoting economic development, reducing poverty, high value job creation in Arab urban centers and integration of Arab citizens into Israel’s civil society. Tsofen’s vision is the full integration of Israel’s Arab citizens into Israel’s prosperous hi-tech and start-up sector. Tsofen’s actions have and will result in sustainable economic development that will benefit Israel’s Arab towns and their people and make Israel a more just and equitable society. Tsofen’s goals are to work with the Arab community and stakeholders from the local, governmental and private sectors to (1) add thousands of Arabs into Israel’s hi tech sector and (2) assist in the creation of hi-tech centers as anchors in Arab towns.  Learn more…


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