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Sorry, this mission has passed.

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Volunteer Mission to Israel!

May 3–10, 2020

Registration Opens Soon


In our Partnership2Gether Sister Region of Karmiel/Misgav in Israel's central Galilee

How Volunteers Help

Eshbal and Saba Chaviv 2018
Restoring Facilities

Visit the National Human and Civil Rights Museum

Shomer Hachadash Farm 2018 a
Helping on Farms

Stand where the Civil Rights movement began at the Rosa Parks Museum

Mishol Megadim and Wings of Krembo 2014
Beautifying Spaces

Follow in the footsteps of the protesters who marched on the Edmund Pettus Bridge

Mishol Megadim and Wings of Krembo 2014
Making New Friends

Join a Reverend who was a Civil Rights worker in the 50's and 60's for a walking tour of Freedom Park and the 16th Street Baptist Church

Karmiel Misgav Partnership2Gether Region

Mission Chairs

Rachel Firestone & Jason Binder

Mission Co-Chairs

Gail & Norman Childs

Mission Co-Chairs

Debbie & Lloyd Myers

Mission Co-Chairs

You Provide

Your airfare to and from Israel.
Any costs associated with Shabbat outside of our P2G region.

We Provide

Coordinating lodging and travel with hosts in Karmiel/Misgav.
A Memorable Shabbat experience in the P2G region.

The full inclusion of people of all abilities is a core value of the Pittsburgh Jewish Community.
Please discuss disability-related accommodations with the contact person for this mission.

By registering for this event, you agree to have your (and your guest's) picture taken and potentially used in Jewish Federation marketing material and social media. If you do not agree, please call 412-681-8000 to register by phone, and indicate that you decline to agree. Thank you.

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David Chudnow

David Chudnow

Volunteer Center Manager
(412) 992-5209

Want to hear more?

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